Thursday, February 14, 2008

Quickly now...more later.. when I'm in the mood....

My favorite new (to me) quote: "Too much good taste can be boring." Diana Vreeland

Valentines Day and it's snowing...yet again!
I found my 40+ year old copy of War and Peace..Searching for missing things can become an obsession, is an obsession for me. Now I'm going back upstairs and watch the 70's BBC version of W&P ....I found it on Netflix. This interpretation has Anthony Hopkins as Pierre ....and Hopkins was and is such a fine actor...umh! I don't know how many DVD's are in this series.. 7? 8?....This particular version is very difficult to find. Good Old Netflix!...Where else can you find those final episodes of X-Files that you missed seeing because after Muldar (sp?) left you stopped watching the series, but you really, really wanted to know how it ended and if Scully's baby was Muldar's love child....would the smoking man show up at the end? Now I must clean and watch Pierre and Natalie and Andre....and sigh at the brilliance of Tolstoy.

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Cowgirl Betty said...

We have no movie rental store nearby anymore *sigh*