Thursday, August 21, 2008


This road could take you almost anywhere....couldn't it, Frodo? Traveling in the favorite! Ready for an adventure?

Monday, August 18, 2008

It's a beautiful day...

and I need to get out and walk...listen to the birds....the light has started that wonderful slant that indicates fall is coming....Bilbo and I always get the itch to travel and adventure this time of year. Wonder what the weather is like on Weather Top? Has anyone seen Strider up there recently? It's a dangerous thing going out your front door...your walk connects to roads and more roads and you might end up encountering a dragon or dwarf....or even an elf.

Friday, August 15, 2008


Olympic mania.... yes, sigh, I have it!....I've been up until 2 AM almost every day since the opening ceremonies. I love the swimmers (all events), the gymnastics , even the beach volleyball. CAN'T STOP WATCHING!!! SOMEONE OUT THERE HELP ME!

Homemade ice cream: about 6 weeks ago we purchased the machine of evil (i.e. ice cream freezer) & and I can't stop making ice cream. When we run out ....I make more. It's wonderful and creative and more addictive than nicotine. I've made fresh peach, intense vanilla, cherry pecan, bing cherry and ....I'm contemplating fresh mango w/coconut rum.

The new Batman movie: I've seen it twice. How can a 60 something woman have such juvenile taste?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm not very good at this....

I'm truly sorry ....I wish that I had more interest in blogging....It's been a busy year. People have wed. Parties had to be given. Funerals had to be attended. Things had to be dispersed. Goodbyes were said. Maybe...only maybe I'll be ready later this year to continue this hobby. and now..there's a house to be cleaned... I like passive voice. I seem to have been very passive lately.... I get into trouble with active verbs.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

oh...yes, yes! ...yes!!!!

Secret Vices....(hee hee!)

I don't mean eating a pint of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia in the closet...I mean the one thing about myself that's really embarrassing: romance novel addiction!!!!!
Oh no!! can't possibly tell your friends that you spend a couple of hours a day reading about how the cold, heartless duke falls head over heels for an innocent, independent lass and they have a passionate encounter with manhoods rising and breasts heaving and eyes flaming!....huh-uh...nope.
It started innocently enough...Betty came home for spring break one year with one of her friends (Tereasa). T. gave me an anthology of short stories containing one by Jayne Krentz. I loved it and bought my first always remember your first! I had spent years reading good literature: Tolstoy, Jane Austen, Faulkner, et al...I was such a literary snob!...but, alas, I fell from grace!!!!....I know: once in grace, always in grace... but in my case it didn't work out. I moved from Jayne Krentz to Amanda Quick and then....oh no!!... Johanna Lindsey! My bookshelves overflowed ... though I hid them in the basement ...they made their ways upstairs and into (gasp!) the bedroom!
Tex asks: "Can't you get rid of some of these ...(sneer)...books?" "No, " I shout. "I might want to read them again!"...and I do them again and again and again!!!! And I buy more and more and more! Can someone out there help me? or should I just say not to rehab??? luv ya amy!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Quickly now...more later.. when I'm in the mood....

My favorite new (to me) quote: "Too much good taste can be boring." Diana Vreeland

Valentines Day and it's snowing...yet again!
I found my 40+ year old copy of War and Peace..Searching for missing things can become an obsession, is an obsession for me. Now I'm going back upstairs and watch the 70's BBC version of W&P ....I found it on Netflix. This interpretation has Anthony Hopkins as Pierre ....and Hopkins was and is such a fine actor...umh! I don't know how many DVD's are in this series.. 7? 8?....This particular version is very difficult to find. Good Old Netflix!...Where else can you find those final episodes of X-Files that you missed seeing because after Muldar (sp?) left you stopped watching the series, but you really, really wanted to know how it ended and if Scully's baby was Muldar's love child....would the smoking man show up at the end? Now I must clean and watch Pierre and Natalie and Andre....and sigh at the brilliance of Tolstoy.