Friday, August 15, 2008


Olympic mania.... yes, sigh, I have it!....I've been up until 2 AM almost every day since the opening ceremonies. I love the swimmers (all events), the gymnastics , even the beach volleyball. CAN'T STOP WATCHING!!! SOMEONE OUT THERE HELP ME!

Homemade ice cream: about 6 weeks ago we purchased the machine of evil (i.e. ice cream freezer) & and I can't stop making ice cream. When we run out ....I make more. It's wonderful and creative and more addictive than nicotine. I've made fresh peach, intense vanilla, cherry pecan, bing cherry and ....I'm contemplating fresh mango w/coconut rum.

The new Batman movie: I've seen it twice. How can a 60 something woman have such juvenile taste?


Cowgirl Betty said...

We all have our addictions and obsessions. My obsession is making sure laundry is folded exactly how I want it. My addictions are cherry pecan ice cream and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Heifer said...

Hey!...I want to borrow those Buffy DVD's !!!!!